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The financial blog of Sheldon Cummings  

Welcome to Stocksnowball.net or StandingLiberty.net a place where I share my ideas on investing, my thoughts on studying the greatest legends in business! And of course Hard money as in Precious metals.  I look at myself as a value investor! My first serious investing started in 2008.

I served in the United States Air Force for 7 years where I received my associates degree at the Community College of the Air Force. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Bellevue University. I earned my Masters degree in Business Administration at University of Phoenix.

The goal is to compound my/our money. I usually keep my portfolio to my top 10 ideas they can be more but a very small percent of weighting. Some favorite investments are silver miners, oil stocks, railroads and dividend payers. I am always looking for industries that have pricing power to invest in. I started this blog to get ideas from others to become a better investor.

My interests: I love the markets and studying the titans of business throughout history. I love studying economics and theories, The theory I most agree with is The Austrian School known as Austrian Economics. (this can change as I am always studying) David Friedman is another economist I like to follow. 

I get my inspiration from Business titans such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, Cornelius Vanderbilt and J.P. Morgan!

Great traders like Jesse Livermore.

Former Hedge fund manager and now author Jim Cramer.

Precious metals I like Rick Rule is best in the business! David Morgan and his team. 

I also enjoy talking politics and consider myself a Republican. I like free market capitalism mostly like Republican politics here. Work is better than welfare!

I also like monetary history and studying gold and silver's role.

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