Sunday, March 28, 2021

2021 Dividend Strategy! Must See Portfolio Moves!


It has been a minute or 7 months since my last blog post! Oil is back! To me that is straight money! I bought in tranches on the way down. It was a long year that finally paid off. It doesn't get the play of Tesla and any of the Reddit stocks which many people did well on. I knew oil companies would come back so it was just patience. My performance did beat the S&P500 last year! Many of the value names have started to become fair or over valued!! I like to use Fastgraphs. It is a good way to look at different fundamentals. It is of past performances but that can sometimes help with future performance with a little research. 

First order of business I sold out of my individual oil plays. All my XOM and COP. PSX is on my radar as I bought a little bit but sold after a huge run. I also was in KMI for a short time. PSX I would look to restart a position in the short term if it dips back under the $78 level. DSF why did you do this oil is over $60 a barrel. I fully expect oil to stay high as the government is now interfering and the economy is opening back up. I took profits because my positions were in a IRA so I didn't have to worry about taxes. I also have been adding and have a 2 full core position in Berkshire Hathaway. I'm overweight BRK-B compared to a normal position. BRK-B has a good amount of CVX and other energy names giving me exposure indirect to the oil market and energy. 

Second order of business is my now largest position is eBay. I have 2 full core position in eBay but it has risen more than BRK-B so it takes the largest position in my portfolio. It does pay a small but rising dividend. I also have covered calls about 3 months and 10% over the current price. They pay about 3% for 3 months so 12% on a yearly basis with the dividend close to 14% before any movement in the stock. (eBay) is also is under its historic P/E ratio. In the past it has had a bigger discount but still after this run I'm buying/holding a undervalued stock at a great valuation. 

Third order of business I swapped my WBA for CVS. I considered owning both. I do have a position and half in CVS. Great dividend and extremely undervalued. The potential for multiple expansion here is great as well. 

Fourth I recently bought into (BUD) at the $57.35... I have a 3/4 position. My vision for this stock is it will get earnings back on track and organically turn into a full position.

Fifth order of business. Another main stay is KO. I do have BRK-B so I own it indirectly also there! It is also a 2 full core position. After the recent rise if this does hit $54-55. I may trim to 1.5 or 1 full core position. It is mostly a valuation reason then buy back if it pulls back. I also watch (PEP) if it were to pull back I would swap. Both companies are solid in my opinion. 

Some of my other positions:

I am confident in with good dividends, growing dividends, and fair to undervalued via the valuations. 

Ladder Capital Corp (LADR)-- 1/2 position

Abbvie Inc Com (ABBV)-- Full position... Great buy right now. 

Microsoft Corp (MSFT)-- Full position. Will trim if it continues to go up as I think the valuation is rich. 

Franklin Resources Inc (BEN)-- 1/2 position... 

Colgate Palmolive Co (CL)-- 1/4 position... waiting for a small pullback. 

Discovery Inc (DISCA)-- 1/2 position. Just purchased Friday March 26th after huge correction. Bought in at $41.50. It is a volatile stock right now I have owned it in the past. I missed the run up as you can see but I see value starting here I will buy more if it continues to drop. 

General Mills Inc (GIS)-- 1/2 position. waiting for a pullback to add. 

Speculation plays:

I have Monster (MNST) Sept options 1/2 position. 

I just bought some Tesla stock. Yes I missed the last year. ( I did own Paypal just saying) I have 1.5 position. My average is $631. I will trade this position. or at least trim to get it back to a full position if it moves very quick up or down. 

Physical Metals Positions:

I have trimmed my Silver position as premiums are way way higher than spot. 

I will update the new positions soon. 

Below is a snapshot of the old positions and current prices. 

Any positions you agree with or don't let me know! I look forward to comments and suggestions! 

Thank you DSF

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here are my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Please do your own research before investing.


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    1. Hi thank you. What are you invested in? I may do an update soon as my BRK-B and oil has made some huge gains.


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