Thursday, March 5, 2020

Oh the Carnage! What I'm doing with XOM (Exxon), COP, new Buy BA

In my last post I talked about a few names one of them was XOM.

I have made 3 purchases since the beginning of the year I will share them!!

I had 50 shares with a $69 average coming into this year:

Jan 21 2020 I bought 50 shares at $67.93
Feb 25 2020 I bought 50 shares at 56.12
Mar 05 2020 I bought 50 shares at $49.62

My average of the 3 new purchases is $57.89

I also have a new purchase of COP at $48.14 on Feb 27 2020 of 50 shares

I also bought 20 shares of a new name Mar 05 2020 of (BA) Boeing of $266.99

A couple companies I sold

IBM at $147
MNST at $67

Right now other names in my portfolio where I have covered calls but are way down are AMC and Ford.

After beating the S&P 500 last year i'm trailing it this year so far!! I will post a update in a few months lets see how these buys look then!

Thank you

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