Sunday, March 8, 2015

February 2015 Update Stocksnowball Portfolio

The performance year to date (3/8/2015) is 1.45% and since the portfolio inception the annualized IRR is 2.53%.

The best performing company is Walt Disney Company (DIS) and the worst perfuming Nordic American Offshore (NAO). DIS continues to excel but I am worried about the valuation getting ahead of itself but as of right now I am a long term share holder with no plans to sell. The largest weighting is still IBM which after reading Warren Buffett's latest share holder letter made me feel more at ease with the decision to buy. Like Warren Buffett mentions form your own opinion on stocks and companies so you don't get easily persuaded. I was surprised to see Warren drop XOM completely from his portfolio. I am seriously looking at adding XOM with some of the cash available.

I also want to share a few of the companies I am looking at after some the the 13f fillings came out. David Einhorn made a purchase in YHOO and I think their is value as well with the spinoff later this year. I also am looking at blue chips like Coke Cola (KO) and Microsoft (MSFT). After McDonald's (MCD) run up I was temped to sale at $100 but it has pulled back I still might sell but as of the moment have not. One Oil and Gas name Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) seems to be getting at a screaming value compared to book value.

Let me know where you see value or what strategies you have!

March 8th SNB Portfolio link Transactions page 2 

Have a good month!


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