Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why I Sold STX and WM Today

Today I sold both positions for the Project Portfolio. First let me start by saying if I would of had larger positions I may of done things differently. With STX I would of sold off half or more of my shares and let the remaining ride ( I did this Friday in a personal account). This gives us access if the stock keeps rising to profit more or trim at a higher price if we want to keep a few shares. If it goes down we can buy back and lower our average per share cost. With WM I don't see as much upside but the same strategy can be used.

I sold both companies because when dealing with small accounts and positions it is easy to wait and have a paper gain turn into a paper loss or as Airelon a investor and nice guy I met on YouTube put it a winner into a loser. The downside is like today the stocks continued to rise. I was going to wait until after earning but decided I was happy with the profits. That is the key to me, making a purchase of stock on a solid company and making a profit. You may not get the top of the market but you made a profit and it feels great!!

One other note every stock in the Project Portfolio I own personally.

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  1. WHZ's quarterly numbers were terrible and the distribution is only $0.65... 40% lower then their prospectus said it would be before their IPO. Their costs more then doubled which I could kinda understand in some trusts but Whiting has been around for awhile and this is their second trust.
    I'm going to be looking to exit.


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