Thursday, November 1, 2012

Update Month 7 October

The "Project Portfolio"

Monthly Update: October

Investing Account
Starting Balance -- $9048.76

Deposit -- $200

Silver Gold sell -- $3460.00
Dividends -- $3.86
Net Gain or Loss -- ($348.39)

Realized Gain or Loss -- $0

Expenses -- ($9.95)
Ending Balance -- $12,354.28
November Starting Balance -- $12,354.28

Stock Shares and Dividend Update
This month there was only one dividend payment with ERF. The new monthly estimate of dividends is $35.29. On the new transaction log on page 3 of the spreadsheet we added to different companies. The two new additions were Mondelez International Inc. (MDLZ) 95 shares and Seagate (STX) around 8 shares. I have a video about MDLZ on my You-Tube channel. STX is a company I heard from Pullingmyselfups channel his link is on my You-Tube channel as well. I aslo added to a few other holdings through automatic investing through Share builder.  

The major actions of the portfolio this month were the sale of silver and gold. All gold was sold and only 5 oz. of silver remain I do like having at least 1 percent in hard assets if the price is right. The next major action was the addition to International company  Mondelez international Inc. (MDLZ). This was a major purchase and now represents 20.4% of the account right behind the largest holding of MCD at 23.6% of the account. I like that MDLZ goals are to grow at least 7% a year and it has a dividend at 2% making returns at least 9% if not more.  The performance this month saw a drop in the accounts paper value but in income it rose and that is the measure I am looking for. One last note the portfolio is ahead of the SP 500.

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