Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Portfolio Update for August Month 5

The "Project Portfolio"

Monthly Update: August

Investing Account
Starting Balance -- $8047.30
Deposit -- $500
Dividends -- $12.25
Net Gain or Loss -- $493.17
Realized Gain or Loss -- $23.71
Ending Balance -- $9053.06
August Starting Balance -- $9053.06

Stock Shares and Dividend Update
This month we had two stocks pay a dividend they were (PBCT) with a div. of $8.41 and (ERF) Enerplus with $3.84.

Total dividends this year: $82.46

Sold two companies NPK and ARKR.
I still would like to add some more MSFT, and MCD before they announce the dividend rises but only if the price is right.

Investment Account is 69.39% of the portfolio
Emergency Fund is 3.83% of the portfolio
American Silver Eagle 1 oz. Coins (48) is 12.28% of the portfolio
American Gold Eagle 1 oz. Proof coin (1) is 14.49% of the portfolio

The investments are up 6.51%
The SPY benchmark is up 1.82%
The Total Portfolio is up 5.37%

I am looking to put a stop-loss on ABX just because it has been a fast 19% gain and I want to make sure I make profit I may initiate the stop-loss at 16% profit. I also would like to add to McDonalds and/or MSFT if the price is right before they raise the dividend.

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  1. August was a solid month for your portfolio! I would initiate a 17% stop loss on ABX and use the funds there for MCD (at a decent target price) should that order be filled.

    What are your long-term plans for the coins? Do you plan on adding additional pieces or do you have target prices for those? I have several 5-oz silver bars and pretty 1 oz. decorative coins that I really don't know what to do with lol- as they were given to me as gifts when I was growing up.

    1. I do want to add some MCD the price right now is good plus they're going to announce a dividend raise soon so I want to purchase before they do it. Right now I have a price target of $40 when I will sell half the silver I have left. I have an average purchase price of $27.50 (this includes the premium) an ounce. At $40 the American Eagles will get around $43 a coin. With the gold coin I will monitor but am looking for gold to reach a new high by next summer I will look to sell around $1900.

    2. Sounds like you have a solid plan for your holdings. Looks like I have some work to do ahead of me. I've always felt my holdings were too insignificant to pay attention to, but with the way the markets have been going there is some serious value I shouldn't ignore.


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