Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Portfolio Update for August Month 5

The "Project Portfolio"

Monthly Update: August

Investing Account
Starting Balance -- $8047.30
Deposit -- $500
Dividends -- $12.25
Net Gain or Loss -- $493.17
Realized Gain or Loss -- $23.71
Ending Balance -- $9053.06
August Starting Balance -- $9053.06

Stock Shares and Dividend Update
This month we had two stocks pay a dividend they were (PBCT) with a div. of $8.41 and (ERF) Enerplus with $3.84.

Total dividends this year: $82.46

Sold two companies NPK and ARKR.
I still would like to add some more MSFT, and MCD before they announce the dividend rises but only if the price is right.

Investment Account is 69.39% of the portfolio
Emergency Fund is 3.83% of the portfolio
American Silver Eagle 1 oz. Coins (48) is 12.28% of the portfolio
American Gold Eagle 1 oz. Proof coin (1) is 14.49% of the portfolio

The investments are up 6.51%
The SPY benchmark is up 1.82%
The Total Portfolio is up 5.37%

I am looking to put a stop-loss on ABX just because it has been a fast 19% gain and I want to make sure I make profit I may initiate the stop-loss at 16% profit. I also would like to add to McDonalds and/or MSFT if the price is right before they raise the dividend.

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