Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Portfolio Update for July Month 4

Project Portfolio Update for July Month 4 

The "Project Portfolio"

Monthly Update: July

Investing Account
Starting Balance -- $7,527.19
Deposit -- $400
Dividends -- $18.76
Net Gain or Loss -- $101.35
Realized Gain or Loss -- $97.39
Ending Balance -- $8047.30
August Starting Balance -- $8047.30

Stock Shares and Dividend Update
This month we had two stocks pay a dividend the were (ARKR) Ark Restaurants with a payment of $15 and (ERF) Enerplus with $3.76.

Total dividends this year: $47.52

Sold one company (TCAP) Triangle Capital for a nice profit of total ROI $111.39 for a 19.4% gain. Purchased (ABX) Barrick Gold Co. total of 28 shares. Barrick is a senior miner with a long dividend history and has announced the most recent dividend. The company's dividend yield is at 2.5%. Its earnings are  at the estimates but the stock has fallen 41% making it undervalued at only 7x EPS.

I still would like to add some more MSFT, and MCD. I also want to build the cash position and it is the first priority.

Investment Account is 68.04% of the portfolio
Emergency Fund is 4.23% of the portfolio
American Silver Eagle 1 oz Coins (48) is 12.45% of the portfolio
American Gold Eagle 1 oz Proof coin (1) is 15.28% of the portfolio

The investments are down -.93%
The SPY benchmark is down .64%
The Total Portfolio is down -.47%

One company that is getting really tempting is (SBUX) Starbucks it has been dropping on some not so good news in Europe but I think the company has a solid business plan and I like management. I will continue to watch it. I also don't like how fast the market has been rising looking to build up cash while things are hot and be ready when they drop.

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here are my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Please do your own research before investing.


  1. I like what you say about expenses and they are an important consideration.
    SBUX... boy that price is starting to get low. Its on my watch list too. I need to go through their last earnings first though.

    1. Then again there is the whole alcohol factor. 80% of their sales come before noon which makes sense being a coffee place. They are test marketing wine and beer which would be almost all afternoon and evening. If they can do to wine and beer what they did to coffee.... $$$
      Disclosure: I own SBUX and am pretty happy. My debate right now is the valuation of adding more and getting a position for my model portfolio.


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