Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Portfolio Update for June Month 3

The "Project Portfolio"

Monthly Update:  JUNE

Starting Balance $5,684.69
Deposit $510
Dividends $36.84
Net Gain or Loss $166.54
Realized gain or loss $0   
Ending Balance $5495.77
July starting balance $7527.19

Stocks Shares and Dividend Update

Nice month for dividends we had (WM) Waste Management at $13.24, (TCAP) Triangle Capital at $14, (MSFT) Microsoft at $4, (MCD) McDonalds at $5.60. 

We made two purchases this month on two companies that have been struggling. The first was (WAG) Walgreens Co. I made the purchase after they announced an acquisition and a raise of the dividend. The move allows it to make a footstep in Europe. The dividend raise was substantial at 22.5 cents to now 27.5 cents per/share. 
The second company is (ERF) Enterplus it is an oil and Nat gas company. The share price has fallen along with the price of Nat gas and oil. I am looking out further as the company still pays a healthy dividend to wait. The problem is can it survive these low prices and with the move to more oil than Nat gas I think they will be able to. 

I continue to add to shares of NPK, MSFT, MCD, and PBCT. 
Investment Account is 67.06% of the portfolio
Emergency fund is at $500 and is 4.45% of the portfolio
Silver we have 48 oz all in American Eagle 1 oz coins it is 12.45% of the portfolio 
Gold we have 1 oz in American Eagle 1 oz coin 2011 proof it is 16.04% of the portfolio

The investments are down (2.06%) the SPY benchmark is down (2.28%) and the total Portfolio is down (2.24%) 

I will spend a minute talking about Silver and why I have it in the portfolio. I love gold and silver (more silver) I just want it to be proportionate to the overall portfolio. One of my favorite experts is David Morgan and he recommends 20% but it is a personal preference. I have decided to go this route and use 20% but if I do see a deal in the price of silver I won't hesitate to buy. I have been purchasing it since 1992 and have sold 50 oz at the $28 level but received $33 an oz at the end of 2010. The problem was the next year in 2011 I bought it back in the high thirties and low forties. Not wise to sell low and buy high but it was a lesson learned. This has hurt my DCA but I still have about a $28 price per oz and that is with all premiums paid (you get the premiums back when you sell).  With Gold I sold almost everything in the summer of 2011. I bought it back at the end of the year but I am using the price for the proof that I paid after buying it back. Overall the silver I bought pre 2011 has a great return and the silver bought in 2011 is an investment moving forward as I am still bullish on the metals and do like the private ownership of them. I think I will always keep some. 

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here are my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Please do your own research before investing.


  1. Hey how is it going! I just discovered you through youtube! ! Love the stock and the commodities both, but I like stocks the best! However, I think that mircosoft is a good company! Hope to hear your thoughts on other companies! Thanks for posting your thoughts your portifios! looking forward to the next post!

    1. Hi Tyler,
      Thanks for the feedback and comment. I agree Microsoft is a good company and may be undervalued right now, I hope they continue to raise the dividend. Take it easy and talk to you later.


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