Friday, June 1, 2012

Project Portfolio Update Month 2

The "Project Portfolio"

Monthly Update:  MAY

Starting Balance $4,704.17
Deposit $1079.14
Dividends $14.61
Net Gain or Loss (265.79)
Realized gain or loss $(14.41)
Ending Balance $5495.77
June starting balance $5495.77

Stocks Shares and Dividend Update

FCX $8.69
PBCT $5.92
Cash $0


Emergency fund. $1000
Opportunity fund $ 789.49
Precious Metals
Silver 300oz
Gold 3oz

Dropped BWLD for MCD we need dividend yield and support while the market is uncertain and throughout time dividends are a great source of total returns. I am looking to add more to the positions that we already have may use the opportunity fund if stocks continue to slide. I will raise cash again after the market starts to go up until then I will DCA. 
Side note: For June and July the book club will be reading the The Intelligent Investor 

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