Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why Microsoft?

The Why?
It comes down to the fact that I just ended up liking the direction of the company. The share price came down a little from the high a week ago but this is a long term buy on a name I think is undervalued at $30.98 and $31.40 after commission. The dividend is a positive as well as I see MSFT can raise it  in the future with no problems. The current yield is 2.5% and that can be paid easily.The next ex-dividend date is May 14th so it also qualifies for this. The stock has over $6 per share in cash.  The company has many exciting business partnerships with Facebook, Nokia (Lumia 10), and Barnes and Noble (Newco). Xbox and Windows 8 look like they will help the company grow. The project portfolio was missing a large cap stock and a tech stock and Microsoft will be a great addition.

Total transaction 19 shares at $31.40.

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